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My real name may be Elizabeth, but I go by Beth or Bash. I'm a teen living in North Carolina with four dogs, a lizard, and a cat--and with my family, of course, but they tend to act more like animals than the pets. I am what you would call a Japanophile, and my favourite anime are Rosario + Vampire, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, and Sailor Moon. I am an eclectic Pagan and I have a wonderful boyfriend. I enjoy writing, reading, and being on the computer. I like Peach Rings, too.
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I love music. I listen to just about everything except for country, rap, hip-hop and Lady Gaga. *gag me with a spoon* My favourite artists are My Chemical Romance, Basshunter, Aya Hirano, The Used, and Green Day.

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